A moment for sadness …… and reflection

I had been planning to sit down to write a post over the weekend but the sadness of the weekend’s terrible and incredibly sad events in Paris took over. It really struck a chord and brought back many happy memories from my time spent living there in my early twenties. A time I remember with happiness, a city I am so very fond of. How can this city now be the one on the news channels that has been terrorised so brutally?

These events provide an instant wake up call to every one of us and I can only respond by taking time for reflection, wonder and question how these things unfold. To ask how, as humans, we aren’t able to understand the value of living peacefully. With kindness and with respect for those who are different to us.

It was only earlier on the Friday the 13th that I was discussing with my husband that it was World Kindness Day and what a lovely concept it was. A day dedicated to remembering the impact that being kind makes. A day to consider how to successfully overcome the global challenges of the environment, human rights, economics, agriculture, health etc by creating a “shift in Humanity’s ‘Causal Paradigm’ (our thought process / intent / will), to be in accord with our inherent nature of Human~Kindness .

Of course too much time spent feeling angry and upset over these things doesn’t actually help anyone or change anything. However it does matter that we recognise how we feel, that we take time for ourselves to feel sadness and connect with the moment ….

….. it also matters that we take a moment for reflection, to believe in ourselves and in others, to believe that most of us make a positive impact via our actions, that we make a worthwhile and kind contribution to society.

We have no magic wand to change others, to make everyone share our values. We can only remember the impact that our own behaviour has on other people and situations we are involved in. Endeavour to be responsible for ourselves and mindful of the impact we make as we continue with our day to day activities.


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