Hello, I’m Sarah Green.
10 years ago I took a chance on a job that I didn’t know much about …. This quickly became an opportunity to explore and pursue a profession which has now become a career which I absolutely love. A time of self reflection coupled with a period of professional development allowed me to understand the benefits of challenging my own self-limiting beliefs and tackling personal doubt. There is no longer ‘what’s next’; this has been replaced by a strong sense of gratitude and appreciation for what I have ‘now’.

The change in my thought pattern came from a variety of things. Key things have been meeting and working with a number of inspirational people, developing an interest in coaching and then training to become a coach. These opportunities gave me new perspectives and techniques on how to be my best self and understand how I can also support others to do the same, including new mums. Motherhood is, without doubt, a time of great happiness and tough challenges. Asking for support, sharing experience and stories has been the key for making my experience a positive one and this is something I now hope to include in my coaching offer.

I have also been greatly inspired learning from those who share a similar outlook on life, who have a fantastic attitude with which to tackle personal and day to day challenges. This sharing of knowledge (great conversations, books, blogs, instagram, podcasts) has led me to really see the value of:

Our own personal thinking space,

Making the time to challenge ourselves, our thoughts and to overcome self doubt,

Focusing our efforts on living life for ourselves – to be our best, authentic selves.

Through this blog I hope to do the same and want to share my thoughts, musings and learning as others have helpfully done for me.

I have a real passion for personal and wellbeing coaching. To work with me as a Coach please see the coaching and contact pages.

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  1. What a beautiful blog site. I love your pictures and the gratitude, appreciation and inspiration that you express in your writings Sarah. Now I’m feeling inspired by you!
    There seem to be a number of interconnected emerging themes and realisations in your experiences and reflections. Synchronicity is well and truly alive!! And the Mindfulness workshop is another facet of the rich tapestry. I look forward to reading more.

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