Adapting to change

It’s pretty much autumn now and it feels like a slower than normal seasonal change due to the fantastic, sunny weather. However this is still the time we move from summer into winter and it can be something I don’t find that easy. I am definitely a sunshine, outdoor, garden kind of person and, at first thought, autumn and winter make me visualise the dark mornings, dark evenings and general ‘in-door-ness’. This is then followed with lots of looking forward to Spring. There are still lots of things I love about winter, particularly very cold but sunny mornings, Christmas (eek) and Sunday roasts…… the challenge is more the transition from being outside as much as possible to grabbing the few dry, sunny hours wherever possible. (There is also the debate around changing our clocks and in turn our sleeping pattern but that’s for another day!)

I am really aware that looking forward to spring too much isn’t supportive of the ‘living in the now’ theory so this year I want to approach autumn and winter from a different angle and, as with any change, make it work for me and seek out the opportunities it may present…..

  • R e l a x – guilt free sofa sessions all the way! During summer I work on the fact that being outside and active is the best way to spend my free time so winter offers guilt free movie days in front of the fire without wondering about if the lawn needs mowing/ watering or the weeds are taking over – a great way to re-charge batteries.
  • Keep active – being inside does mean that we risk being less active. Luckily, having dogs means that a daily walk is guaranteed but it’s likely to be a 20 minute, windy, dark walk after work and not the 90 minute beach adventure. This has given me a chance to have a think what other things I could do instead…. I’ve settled on Yoga. And this is a double bonus as it has a focus on self-care and ensures I have time to unwind after a hectic day/ week at work and stops the movie days from making me lazy!
  • Try something new – doing something different and moving away from the routine offers us the opportunity to step outside our comfort-zone and this is great for building our self-belief … it also reminds us of our ability to adapt to change. Being aware of this ability to adapt enables us to align ourselves with the change and have a sense of control/ direction rather than just being swept along with the change.

Change can be a challenge and feel difficult but it can also be positive and bring new possibilities. The change will often happen as it happens and we may not have the control we would like but we do have choice as to how we approach the change, how we can make the most of it and make it work for us.

What works for you when change is on the horizon? Please do share any thoughts, comments and tips below – thanks and have a great week xx



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