Being clear in our intention & why it matters….

Lots of things went well during my week off last week, I stayed on track with my intention to relax and unwind, read, and eat well….. I might just be a smoothie convert! There were a few minor meltdowns when it came to my ‘mind talk’ around whether I was actually relaxing or just being lazy and my inner critic did try to keep telling me I should be doing more.

However, keeping intention and purpose at the forefront allowed me to be kind to myself and go with the flow. Yes I could have cleaned the car, hoovered the stairs etc but taking time out to read and experiment in the kitchen has been way more restorative than worrying about having less dog hair on the stair carpet.

One of my key intentions for the week has been to practice being focused on the present moment. Practice is definitely the word for it! That said there has been more than a few occasions this week where it felt like a penny had dropped. Moments where I felt so acutely aware of all the great things that were going on that I could only feel overwhelmingly grateful.

I have a tendency to think about a lot of things at once and therefore not connect to the moment in hand and subsequently, without realising, minutes, hours, days pass by where I’ve just been keeping up and not being clear in my intention and purpose. I wonder how many other people do this? How much of the day passes by where we are on autopilot?

I feel I am starting to recognise that it is really important to have clear intention/ purpose in all that we do – the little things as well as our wider plans and dreams – and to also take the time to reflect in the moment. It seems that the two actions go hand in hand as two really helpful ways to make the most of our time, make it more valuable somehow …. and more meaningful.

Being clear in our intention allows us to stay motivated – having a clear intention and purpose serves as a reminder so that when we do have moments of feeling overwhelmed or our enthusiasm is falling short we can take a moment to remember what we are doing and most importantly ….. why we have chosen these actions and paths to follow.

Might these moments of reflection also be an opportunity to check out with ourselves if this ‘why’ is still the best choice for us and to remind ourselves that it isn’t ever too late to change our minds, habits and thinking patterns? 



3 thoughts on “Being clear in our intention & why it matters….

  1. Chantelle says:

    Living in the moment and having clear intentions is so hard! I am in total agree with you though. We are so lucky to have so many options to choose and I think I see that as being the route to happiness, being able to choose to do whatever I want. Conversely, having more copy options, for me, often leads to more regrets… “What if I had…” or “perhaps I should have…” Totally counter-productive. Staying focused on why I made that choice would be much more helpful. Thank you Sarah xx

    • sarah says:

      Thanks for your lovely comment and I agree that there are some times way too many options so intention keeps us focused on the right one for us. Hopefully! x

  2. Alkistis Danby says:

    Hmmmmm….You are onto something here Sarah….the past few weeks (and more specifically since habbi went to China) I ‘ve been on autopilot and it seems that days have fused in one…..sleep, wake up, run around like headless chicken, cook, put kids to bed, eat, go to bed, let’s do everything from start again, shall we? Sounds tiring, isn’t it? Based on your post, maybe is time for me to take a step back….thanks! Xx

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