What can we celebrate today?

Sometimes it’s the little things and sometimes it’s the milestones, either way there is definite happiness in finding things to celebrate.

As I mentioned in a previous post I have been upping my ‘gratitude’ game recently via the 30 day #capturinggratitude challenge devised by Dr Lauren Tober on the website www.capturinggratitude.com and this has been a great reminder for me to stop and take a moment to appreciate what is going on around me and see the good.

Celebrating personal achievement isn’t always something we find easy, I know I don’t! However this week I am celebrating because the branding I have been working on for ‘choices to make’ is starting to come to life and I just wanted to mention this and feel proud (and keep the ‘inner critic’ at bay). It is another step in the right direction and serves as a reminder that there is nothing wrong with sharing our achievements and celebrating when our hard work starts to reward us.

I am also very grateful for the lovely support and encouragement from family and friends.

What things might you be able to celebrate this week?

Even during a challenging day is there a moment when you can take a breath and remind yourself you are doing your best and celebrate something small? Or share with someone something that makes you feel proud or grateful?

As always you are very welcome to share your thoughts, comments and achievements below.

Have a lovely week xx


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