Now is our time to speak authentically and why it matters …

What is it about speaking honestly and authentically that really matters? From listening to others who adopt this approach we can recognise that the impact they have on others is positive. They speak with belief, open-ness, passion and even if we don't agree with them we can respect their perspective and are grateful for their ability to … Continue reading Now is our time to speak authentically and why it matters …

What can we celebrate today?

Sometimes it's the little things and sometimes it's the milestones, either way there is definite happiness in finding things to celebrate. As I mentioned in a previous post I have been upping my 'gratitude' game recently via the 30 day #capturinggratitude challenge devised by Dr Lauren Tober on the website and this has been a … Continue reading What can we celebrate today?

Commitment vs motivation

Commitment vs motivation - these are often words that are used in the same conversation when it comes to making change and planning for goals but how are they different and which serves us better? Commitment noun the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause  Motivation noun a reason or reasons for behaving … Continue reading Commitment vs motivation

Why do we struggle with saying “no” …..

A recurring theme in conversations with busy friends, colleagues and family is how we seem to have difficulty saying "no", even when we're tired and need that time for ourself.  Saying no used to feel quite difficult but the benefits of saying "no" are definitely worth it but it takes practice! This has become even clearer … Continue reading Why do we struggle with saying “no” …..

Celebrating our strengths & achievements ….

I won't bore you with too much detail but I have recently signed up for a course which is all about digital-ness; blogs/ media/ online communities etc in a bid to improve my tech skills... exciting and a bit scary at the same time. I also spent a great day out last week learning all … Continue reading Celebrating our strengths & achievements ….