Celebrate the little things … no matter how small!

Why is it a good idea to celebrate the little things? And can it really make a difference, in amongst all the tough stuff going on?

The last 12 months have been a complete rollercoaster of new experiences. Most of these are challenging and stressful and (even for an eternal optimist) it’s clear that we aren’t that close to the ‘other side’ just yet.

Chatting with friends, colleagues, coaching clients and family there is a recurring theme. There is too much to do, too little time, and too many conflicting priorities (whoever thought that working & homeschooling at the same time (!!) would make anyone feel like they’re nailing life??). It’s turned into a quantity versus quality scenario. It’s a stretch for the most resilient of humans.

Often I hear that people are doing lots of things but don’t feel like they’re doing any of them very well. When we feel like this it’s hard to find things to celebrate.

Yes we will get through it, we are getting though it. I wonder what the difference to our wellbeing might be if we can be really be proud of the obstacles we’re tackling? Does it matter that we celebrate something (anything!) every day rather than not noticing our little wins in amongst all the bonkers-ness?

Noticing the little moments and wins help to shape to our story – surely we would want to look back and believe we did a pretty good job despite the challenges? Finding something to celebrate every day will help us to know we are doing our best and that our best is actually pretty good!

I can give myself a really hard time if I don’t think I’m being productive enough, or the house isn’t tidy enough etc. However, it’s unhelpful, unkind and unnecessary for me to think like this. Of course, it takes habit and effort catch ourselves in the moment and change the story that we are telling ourselves.

Recognising the behaviour is a good first step. Now I can take a step back and focus on all the stuff that is getting done and not focus on the ‘to-do’ stuff so intensely (it’s worth noting that there isn’t an end to the ‘to-do’ list generally so accepting that is half the battle)!

If you’re struggling to bring to mind things to celebrate, or recognise your achievements each day, I am sharing my list (for this week so far) below so that you can see where to start …..

  • Set alarm 30mins earlier to get up and get round in a calmer fashion even though I hate the dark, cold mornings (4 year olds don’t respond well to rushing!) I did it – I did not press snooze which is amaaaazing!
  • Went for a walk before switching laptop on (it was literally only 10mins but I’m so pleased as it’s a blue sky day)
  • Tidied round and managed to organise (hide) various piles of papers/ magazines and books that have appeared all over and seem to keep growing!
  • Contacted 3 lovely friends to see how they are and make the effort to keep connected.
  • I have a pile of books on my bedside table which I am slowly working my way through – most of these are presents which makes this something to celebrate.

Also don’t forget the big stuff like;

Working, raising a feisty small human, running a household etc!

I hope your list gets longer every day! xxx

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