Down time?

Last week I had the week off work, plus it was a Bank Holiday this Monday so all in all a decent amount of time away from the day job for some ‘down time‘….I wonder what really defines ‘down time’?

So, 4 months since Christmas with no time off, working full time, hubby away during the week, pups to look after, car to fix, all the usual etc etc so a week off sounds like heaven! One small issue, during the 4 months prior a list had accumulated, the ‘stuff to do when I have some time off’ list.

So the week of ‘down time’ becomes 2 days in Edinburgh, 1 day in Manchester, 2 days looking at potential new cars, some DIY/ garden tasks, meeting up with friends and helping out family with gardening/ booking holidays. Now, I don’t want to sound ungrateful, I had a wonderful week off, glad to be busy and have friends/ family and husband to spend time with ….. it’s just that there then wasn’t any actual time left for the ‘down time’.

I remember having a similar feeling after the Christmas break, it seems I can be a slow learner!

Some things to consider;

Part of the issue is not feeling able to say ‘no’ sometimes and feeling like I need to be available whenever someone asks…..

  • Saying ‘no’ kindly and for the right reasons is acceptable, it is important and necessary. No one can be at their very best without the ‘down time’ and also how can we then be able to support and help others effectively?  

As and when I do sit down to be calm, and still, and think for a moment I tend to feel a bit …. guilty? I have some spare time so there must be something I should be doing!

  • This is definitely something for me to work on, I am a ‘do-er’ and like to keep on top of my mental to do lists (my husband will back me here!) but I am realising that it is ok to stop. I don’t need to feel guilty. Things can wait. I am allowed to sit still and think about what I need, how to be my best self. I can be kinder to myself when questioning if I am doing enough for other people.

The last thing to consider is whether I can have more frequent time off, try to avoid letting months pass by whilst the lists get longer. Perhaps not taking a week or two off infrequently, more long weekends might be better? This is easier said than done when time seems to pass so quickly but it seems like a great place to start.

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