Downtime … with intention this time!

Intention; (noun) a thing intended, an aim or plan

This month has been a time to celebrate my husband’s birthday and his new job and also a time to take stock of our routines and prepare for the changes ahead. We have a week off work which is giving us the opportunity to take some thinking time and appreciate how the hard work and important decisions, made almost a year ago, are starting to feel worthwhile.

To avoid a repeat of the hectic week of ‘downtime’ I had earlier in the year I am being clear in my intention to unwind this time around which will involve; nice healthy food, gardening and spending time with the naughtiest dachshunds ever. I hope to achieve this by trying my best to adhere to to things I have written about in my recent posts ….. I’ll let you know how it goes!

6 thoughts on “Downtime … with intention this time!

  1. Alkistis Danby says:

    I didn’t know you like tahini!!!! My mum makes an amazing dip and I am most certain I have the recipe!!

  2. Susan says:

    Sounds good – and so important to conciously enjoy the time. A week off work can be so busy, rushing to get everything done, how wonderful to really take the time to relax and enjoy what you are doing

    • sarah says:

      Im sure this lovely sunshine helps…. it’s too easy to sit in the garden all day 🙂 Thanks for your comment x

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