This year I will be hosting a number of Coaching Circle events on different topics such as; Planning for 2020, Creating Boundaries, Identifying your Values, How to Say No Kindly and a number of other themes as requested by participants.

The first Coaching Circle in January was fully booked, inspiring and the feedback was lovely!

Each topic is discussed using a framework of ‘coaching questions’ to encourage thinking and new perspectives. Participants share and discuss their thoughts and learn new ideas or tips along the way. Participants are welcome to share as much or as little as they like, taking notes is encouraged and helpful for reflection so please bring along a notebook.

Events are advertised on Eventbrite and sold on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 12.

The next Coaching Circle will be held on Thursday, 5th March at The Queens Hotel (function room) in Lytham from 18.45 – 21.00pm. Refreshments are provided. To book, please follow the link below: