How is your emotional health today?

Our emotional health is just as important as our physical health 💜 How are you looking after yours today, and every day?

When we feel emotionally healthy we are able to respond to the challenges and changes around us with ease and confidence. We are tapping into our coping toolkit, we are connected to our purpose. We are riding the waves 🌊 

When our emotional health is low we can feel less calm, less clear in our purpose and find it hard to manage the stresses of everyday life. We are more likely to react in a way that might not be helpful, or over-think and catastrophise. We don’t feel able to rise to the challenge. Less riding the waves, more treading the water …. which is exhausting. 

Our emotional health is a spectrum, so we feel all of these things at different times. Life throws many situations at us throughout the years and even during the course of a normal day. Especially over the last 12months or so. Sometimes keeping going feels daunting and it’s even harder when our emotional health isn’t being nurtured or evaluated.

We can optimise our emotional health through;

  • being mindful and keeping our focus on the ‘here and now’. This helps to maintain perspective and not get carried away worrying about what may or may not happen in the future
  • reflection … taking a moment to reflect on how far we have come, how well we have coped so far is good evidence that we are more than able to tackle the current challenge
  • maintaining social connection with supportive, loving and genuine friends and talking about things that really matter to you
  • Tune inwards and ask for support if you need to

It is only through maintaining our emotional health that we can keep the spring in our step 💜 Put your own needs front and center x 

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