Links I like ……. January
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Links I like ……. January

I hope January is going well and 2016 is in full swing. How are the resolutions, plans, no drinking (possibly) and new exercise regimes going?

Mine are going well (ish)! I haven’t really bought into the whole ‘dry-January‘ idea before however, this year I thought why not? I am surprised how sparkly and ready for the weekend I feel on a Saturday and Sunday morning after no gins and better sleep however I do miss having a glass of vino when out for a meal so post-January I’ll be aiming for a ‘healthy with a side of Prosseco’ balanced approach to weekends!

There are lots of conflicting opinions about diets & food (I just can’t get on with the whole Kale craze), which is the best exercise, how much alcohol is ok (or isn’t) and so on so it’s hard to know what is the best regime to follow. I think it’s all about doing what is right for ourselves; listening to our body, tuning into our moods and doing what is best for our individual needs and not because we ‘should’ or because it’s the new fad or fashionable.

Don’t despair if this month feels like a challenge. I always find January & February a little bit tricky, I am trying to focus my thoughts and actions in ‘the moment’ but at the same time I am really looking forward to spring, some sunshine and light evenings. The dark nights and gloomy weather means guilt-free sofa time for reading and catching up on blogs etc

Anyway, I have pulled together a few links this week that I have enjoyed during January so you might too!

  • I am still enjoying yoga and practicing at home. Like most of us, it’s a case of fitting stuff in so this 10 minute daily practice app from Heart of Yoga is brilliant.
  • I love the Fresh Exchange blog and this is a nice desktop reminder that, regardless of resolutions, it is best just being you.
  • Lots of cute trinkets and gift ideas on the lovely Jack&Freda instagram page.
  • A recipe I can’t wait to try out is for Booths quinoa & cranberry snack bars – mmm. (As far I am concerned if it has quinoa in the ingredients then it’s technically healthy and ok for diets!)

Have a great week xx


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