Coaching is a fantastic form of support when there are decisions to be made and questions to explore. Sessions can provide protected time for you to have clear thinking space. With experience of being both coachee and now qualified coach I really believe that this solution focused, positive approach to our lives,  and the challenges we face, is an approach full of opportunity.

Coaching support can really enable the smallest spark of an idea become a reality or allow you to alter a perspective so that a complex issue can become a manageable structured task with measured steps forward, allowing you to feel empowered and confident in the choices you make.

If there is something you want to do, but aren’t quite sure what is holding you back then I can provide dedicated support to enable you to :

  • Pursue your goals and realise your potential
  • Explore and overcome doubt
  • Move away from fear based decisions
  • Build your self belief & confidence

In addition to the above I now understand the challenges that becoming a mum can bring, in particular the question of identity! Life changes overnight and it is a balancing act, especially in the early days.

Different people and different topics may need a different approach. I believe that coaching can work in both a formal structured environment or, just as well, it can work in a more creative environment.

So if you prefer Skype, telephone or face to face; at the office or dog walking or at home ….. you can choose the environment which will best support you to think freely.

If you would appreciate some support to be your best, happiest and most confident self then coaching is perfect for you ……..

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