New year, same me …. only with less time!

It has been some time since I last sat down to write a blog post and share my general musings, enough time in fact to have a baby! The result of which has completely changed my understanding of time and how to actually get simple, everyday stuff done let alone get my brain working and produce a blog post!

Life has changed beyond recognition, which is normal as everyone keeps telling me, and this transition, as with all big transitions has thrown up a lot of questions, challenges and the need for some resilience!

My intention is to make the most of the opportunity this brings and get back to writing some blog posts and offering out coaching sessions, which can now include support for new mums! The ‘fourth trimester’ is a tricky time and one thing I have learnt is that sharing information, stories and asking for support is key to getting through!

So for me, challenge number 1 is … to find the time – It’s taken a week to cobble this post together!

In the mean while (I know it’s a cheat but…) a re-read of New Year, Same You from last January will help to manage the expectations we place on ourselves and remind us to celebrate our achievements …..

Here’s to a great year x

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