New Year, Same You …. with maybe a few realistic tweaks?

New Year Same You realistic

2016 ….. here we are! Happy New Year! Early January is of course the time we all talk about our resolutions, our plans for the new year and our ideas about how different we/ our lives are going to be. These are usually bold and ambitious and often last until the end of January-ish. There is nothing wrong about bold & ambitious, I do wonder if realistic and considered may serve us better?

I have never really warmed to the whole ‘new year, new you’ idea. I understand the concept and get that that it is really just a turn of phrase but it seems kind of harsh in some ways. I don’t really need or want a ‘new’ me, I am pretty happy with most of the current me….  happy with myself day to day, clear in the choices I am making and believe that how I contribute to the world and people around me is in a positive way. And all of this has taken time and thought and careful building of my self-belief so why would I want a new me!

For me the January & February post-Christmas months can feel subdued and almost too quiet after all the excitement and busy-ness and naturally allows time to consider the year ahead. Surely in the New Year we would feel much more motivated and ready for the challenges that the New Year will bring if we spend time, not telling ourselves what we are doing wrong/ what we shouldn’t be eating etc and then setting ourselves unrealistic goals, but instead celebrating all that we have achieved in the last few weeks, months and year and take note of all that we can learn from these experiences. Might it be possible that even when some experiences didn’t turn out as you’d hoped or were difficult at the time there is an opportunity to believe that you did your best, had positive intentions and then take away some learning?

Of course, I, as most of us do, have an awareness that we are not perfect and there is always time for reflection and consideration of where we might have done things differently, achieved a better outcome or shown a little more self control when the cheese board appeared! These are just tweaks and within our control if we choose so.

The most important thing for me is that all of this is a work in progress and making change, forming new habits and evolving into who we really want to be and enable us to live an authentic life that we feel truly happy with takes time. It is a process which only produces the results we hope for when we are taking action for the right reasons, allowing ourselves time to make mistakes and learn and try something new next time.

There is a lot to look forward to in the year ahead. But just before moving on consider …

What are you most proud of from 2015? What challenges did you face and overcome? What valuable learning can you take forward into the New Year?

Happy New Year and yay to celebrating both the new year along with the great, same you.

Have a lovely week xx

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