Long term goal ….. One step at a time

I still have my head buried in my coursework for the next module of the online course with BlogSociety which is a blog I really love and a course I am really enjoying. This is fast becoming a time for a lot of reflection and thinking and planning and sometimes it feels slightly overwhelming.

I am loving learning new things which will support me in developing my blog and feeling more in tune with all things digital but thinking about my ‘long term goal’ can feel a bit daunting. I am conscious that I want to really enjoy this time of learning and don’t want my ‘inner critic’ to get a hold and talk me into taking the easier option of doing nothing instead! From experience and checking in with friends it appears that most people have moments of doubt when stepping out of their comfort zone or taking a different path…. does this sound familiar?

So what might be a positive, accessible approach in terms of measuring success in our projects, staying motivated, and sure we are on the right path? Perhaps we can, instead of keeping the focus on the end product or the goal, which may at times feel very far off, we can break each segment down into small steps.

This helps us to feel that:

  • we are making progress & have achieved something at each of our realistic milestones
  • we have the time and opportunity to evaluate and review along the way and see how well we are doing
  • with each small achievement ticked off we are better able to stay motivated and not overwhelmed with the ‘long term aspect’

Keeping the project in smaller chunks also helps with the time management aspect. Sitting at the laptop for hours after spending a day in the office is not productive for me. I’m aiming for quality, dedicated project time balanced out with sleeping, taking the dogs out and making time for eating properly. This feels better that racing against the clock …. things might just take a little longer and that is ok.

So that’s my plan for keeping on track and keeping the goal in view without feeling overwhelmed. If anyone has any tips or thoughts to share on how you keep on track please feel welcome to leave a comment below….

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