Reality over digital reality

Yikes, it’s been ages since my last post. Too much time at the day job spent behind a computer screen meant something had to give in the evenings and weekends… And that something has been social media & digital reality time. The aim being to break the routine of leaving behind the pc at work to then come home and access the laptop (and phone or iPad) outside of work for most of the evening was getting a bit much!

I love you Instagram and all of my favourite blogs, with your pretty pictures, tales of adventure and updates from around the world but you exist in these gadgets that make it too easy to day dream instead of ‘do’.

Any kind of balance is challenging to maintain; work & life, reality & digital reality, busy & relaxed and as with most things that I want to re-think I find it easiest to just stop …. stop for a moment and then reflect on what’s been going on, consider the impact and then ponder¬†how would I like things to be so I can regain some balance.

The start of the nice weather has been a big influence and I love this time of year, everything is new, colourful and full of promise for the summer ahead. Being lured out into the warm daylight to potter in the garden and explore the beach with the sausage pups automatically reminds me of how great the ‘real world’ is after a long grey, rainy winter. So now, with two holidays plus some long weekends planned for summer, along with better management of time spent in the office, I am feeling way more balanced ….

Where would I even be without pinterest, trip advisor and lovely instagram to inspire the holidays and long weekends! They help to keep the creative brain ticking along but nothing beats the ‘realness’ of being outdoors, with friends & family, sharing memories and using our unlimited imaginations ….

Happy day dreaming xx




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