Bounce back, resilience

Ability to ‘bounce back’ depends on our levels of resilience…..

Resilience is so important in our daily lives, it keeps us going, keeps us focused and able to believe that we will succeed come what may. It is resilience that keeps us going even when we think we have had enough and want to throw in the towel.

I am often amazed by people who can just keep going, seem positive and enthusiastic even when things appear really difficult. Is the ability to ‘bounce back’ something we either have or don’t have or is it something we can develop?

At what point does our need to be resilient stop us from stepping back and accepting that no matter how much we put a positive spin on something that it actually might be time to walk away? Might developing our resilience be a way of accepting & coping with issues and difficult situations and therefore possibly stopping us from addressing the root cause?

I am 100% about resilience and developing this for our own sake and well-being however I am also asking many questions! My reason for exploring this is that it is currently a topic of conversation that is very apparent in a number of discussions and coaching conversations, particularly in the workplace.

I do wonder if expecting staff/ individuals to focus on their own resilience and putting the emphasis on being responsible for ‘coping better’ (whatever the circumstances) is somehow shifting the focus from looking closer at the underlying cause. At some point surely even the most resilient of people must hit a point where the ‘resilience well’ just runs dry? And is this the point where we take a different path?

Of course, strong personal resilience is hugely important throughout all aspects of life; it enables us to adapt, keep a sense of perspective and manage our emotional responses.

To keep your resilience levels topped up you could try to focus on the following:

  • Try to find at least one thing to learn from difficult situations and take a ‘solution focused’ approach – this lets us see things as a challenge which can be overcome rather than a problem that can not be resolved
  • Try to keep a positive outlook, believe in your own ability to cope and be confident that you have the skills and mindset to take everything in your stride
  • Do not be self-critical. If you aren’t able to get the outcome you would prefer, focus on accepting the outcome and move forward as soon a possible. We can not possibly get it right every time. (Unless you know something I don’t!)
  • Look after your health and mental wellbeing. Sleep, healthy food and rest helps us to keep our emotions in check and torespond to situations with a clear head. Being tired clouds our ability to think calmly and to respond without anger, upset, frustration, excitement etc taking over which is rarely useful in hindsight.

How resilient are you? What is your approach to keeping your resilience levels topped up? Please do share any thoughts, comments or stories below.

Have a great week xx


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