Seasonal Change & Personal Growth

I love season change and I particularly love Autumn.

To me, autumn signifies a time to get warm and cosy, and find some space to slow down after a busy summer. This allows us to re-charge batteries ready for the winter and the busy build up to the Christmas season. Of course we don’t get to hibernate and hide from daily pressures but we can create some room for early nights, reading, writing and take the opportunity to check-in with ourselves.

When was the last time we really took the time to focus inward and assess our energy levels? This is always a topic that comes up at this time of year in my Coaching work, it’s normal to feel tired going into autumn, especially with the darker hours creeping in. It is definitely worthwhile to recognise this and also notice what we’ve achieved during the year up to this point – feeling proud of what we’re doing, and of what we’ve achieved, is a good reminder and energy boost.

You could consider a little bit of self-coaching to help you notice how you’re feeling and if you have any changes to make so that you’re feeling tip top and ready for the new season. A few starter questions could be;

What am I most proud of so far this year?

What have I learnt this year? (Whether through a positive or a difficult experience)

Where are my energy levels at (out of 10)? If lower than I’d like them to be, what can I do to increase them?

How much time am I taking for myself?

How time do I give to those around me and is this enough or perhaps too much?

A little bit of self coaching goes a long way to helping us identify any changes we’d like to make.  I hope this is helpful and cheers to a Happy Autumn!

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