Step out of the bubble, or not?

Quite often when it comes to making decisions, particularly the big ones, and it is time to consider my options and look at the influencing factors, it seems the first things that come into play are the reasons why not to do something; the potential risks, the mortgage, the pension scheme, the barriers and so on. All things that, if we latch onto them, will lead us to taking the ‘easiest’ option and maybe not bothering to make any changes at all.

When I was younger and saving up money, enough for a half decent deposit on a (small) house, I spent it on driving around the states for 3 months instead – it was an easy decision to make at the time (although my parents may have disagreed)! I also chose to earn an income via temping contracts, so I had the freedom to travel, whilst I had no mortgage to pay. Then, I grew up, and decision making has started to feel very different….

…. and herein lies the choice!

Deep down I like to think my curiosity will always override the risk factor and this belief is reaffirmed each time I hear or read stories of success that have come from people just ‘stepping out’ of the fear bubble. Can we freely embrace the possibilities, push through the self-limiting beliefs and trust that the risk will be worth it? Accept that there might just be a bigger plan for everyone out there?

It is a nice belief and approach to have, and support … when it is other people making the decisions of course! But when it is your decision to make which approach would you prefer to take?

I am sharing these thoughts as I have recent experience of this and supported my husband to ‘step out’ of the bubble and make a massive decision based on his core beliefs and values, his vision for the future and now after some adjustments, and patience, the opportunities that once felt so far out of reach are here… And we are grateful.

Stepping out of the bubble wasn’t as scary as imagined, we weren’t faced with unreasonable obstacles or forced to make unrealistic compromises. It wasn’t all plain sailing but so worth it, the alternative was to do nothing, sit and wait and hope something would magically change and that is never an option.

So ….. when the options are to listen to the self limiting thoughts and count up the potential difficulties or go with the ‘anything is possible’ and self belief option…… what is it going to be?

One thought on “Step out of the bubble, or not?

  1. Alkistis Danby says:

    Thank you Sarah, your words make me feel so much better about changing the course of my cereer….since I made the decision I keep second guessing myself….after reading your post…well…no more!

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