Surviving Cabin Fever … practicing some self-care

It’s been a long week without my laptop, an accident involving a friend’s glass of red wine has pretty much wiped it out. 5 days after warranty. After a week of umm’ing and ahh’ing about fixing versus buying a new one I have decided to stop thinking about it (expensive!!) and dust off my 7 year old laptop and ….. it still works. It is massive and weighs the same as a small pony but it works and I am back online – yay!

The day job is hectic at the moment, in a good way, but it means I am spending a lot (too much) time in a relatively small office with more people than it is probably designed for. And I have had moments where the phrase ‘climbing the walls’ has felt more than relevant.

So what I have learned, what has helped me to practice some self-care?

  • Firstly and I suppose most obviously – get outside! Not just outside the office, in the corridor, actually in nature; on the beach, park or anywhere that has space, fresh air and reminders of everything else there is to think about in the big wide world.
  • Spend time with people who make you laugh and see the less serious side of life; being cooped up for too long without shifting focus can sometimes restrict us from seeing the bigger picture and yes we have deadlines and need to keep focused but not at the expense of ourselves and well-being. Checking in with other people helps to keep things in balance.
  • Stop for a moment and remember your purpose and check there is still some light at the end of tunnel, that your goal is still visible…… Then have chocolate, or a bath or whatever is a ‘treat’. I have found that having a biscuit when I have time to sit down and enjoy one is way better an eating 4 in one go because the day has been a blur and I seem to have missed lunch!

Have a great rest of the week everyone xx

2 thoughts on “Surviving Cabin Fever … practicing some self-care

  1. Alkistis Danby says:

    Hmmmmm…the laptop catastrophe….heard about that…. I also had a phone catastrophe (I am sure you heard about it too!)…. Well after a bit of a though and having survive major panic attacks as I don’t like been without my phone (that nowdays has everything that I need to get buy on a daily basis), I came to a few conclusions….a) at the end of the day, they are just machines and can be replaced, b) we are attached to technology and have forgot to live without it and c) I actually had a good time not to get annoyed by a call, or a text or an e-mail every other second of my day….although, I will still replace my phone, now, I have very thing in “paper-mode” to be safe…some time back to basic is not that bad… I hope you can fix the laptop! Xx

    • sarah says:

      Yes! Very true, no laptop then 5 days with no internet was almost enjoyable …. but like you with the phone we like to replace and get back to ‘normal’!

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