Goodbye clutch!

Two things have happened today; I have written and published my first blog post and my clutch gave up on me on the way home from work.

Of course the blog post is exciting, something positive and enjoyable (more enjoyable once I get the hang of uploading pictures). On the other hand the ropey clutch felt a bit stressful, tested my patience and means I have no transport for my training day tomorrow.

Luckily, I remembered, as the lights were on green and the traffic remained stuck behind me and I swore & prayed for 5 long minutes trying to force the gear into 1st, that I had a moment of choice….

Not about the clutch, or the people behind me, but whether I wanted to stay calm or panic. To get annoyed or focus on getting home in one piece.

I did get home in one piece, eventually, arranged for the car to get towed and fixed as soon as possible and then telephoned to offer my apologies that I couldn’t attend the Appreciative Coaching session tomorrow.

So out of a situation that was really no fun and massively inconvenient I found myself thinking about all the good things I had; firstly that I have somehow learned over the last few years to manage my temper a lot better, I was home safely, it was a beautiful sunny evening and I also have a supportive network of family and friends who are more than happy to help out.

So, no clutch but a sense of gratitude.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye clutch!

  1. Alkistis Danby says:

    …It is funny how when we get older we can manage our temper better (I am still a work in process)….I went to school to pick up my son today and my lovely daughter decided to go and annoy his class as the door was open prior to the bell….as a decent parent I straight away went and remove her and tried to explain to her that they are still having class and she should wait for 10 min, well…she is 3 and decided to start screaming and crying instead and everyone around me were looking…so your post came in mind (I had read it on Wednesday)….I had choices! (1) I could panic, potentially get upset and make things worst, (2) I could try to calm her down or (3) I could let her do what she wants , i.e. let her annoy the class. No (3) was out of question…no (1) although a good contender wouldn’t have helped anyone…so I went for no (2) option and put her aside to let her calm down…long story cut sort…she still screamed until the bell rang, the teacher had closed the door so she could finished the lesson and I had gone to talk to the other mums and also take couple of deep breaths and count to ten (panic control!). At the end everyone was happy (minus a small inconvenience to the teacher, and possible the people around)…the teacher finished her class, my daughter calmed down and I hadn’t panic (too much…I did count to 10 couple of times)…and we all carried on with the day…

    • sarah says:

      Wow! Cheeky little one, sounds like you made the right choice, especially when reasoning isn’t an option with the young tinker. Deep breaths are such a life saver xx

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