Tolerance & compassion – isn’t it this which makes us human?

Hmmm, I’m not usually one for talking politics in public but I suppose now is as good a time as any and my point isn’t strictly one of politics, it is one of humanism, one speaking up for tolerance and compassion. This is a big week for Britain with the EU referendum on the agenda … an event which has stirred much debate and opinion fuelled by passion and hope but sadly also, for some, fuelled by hate, intolerance and fear.

There so many points that could be argued at every opportunity, at every televised debate and in every newspaper; economic outcomes, human rights, education and our health system but the one argument I have heard above all else is the one of immigration.

For me the whole campaign has been overshadowed by this theme. Yes it is important, a huge influencing factor on the shape of our future country whether in or out of Europe, however in the referendum there are many more topics to dissect, to discuss and to try and understand from a factual perspective. But for the most part of those friends, family and colleagues I have entered into conversation with, and whom do believe that we should exit the EU, their viewpoint seems to be heavily weighted towards the immigration issue. One of the things that has stood out to me in certain conversations, newspaper headlines and debates is the lack of tolerance, compassion and faith in human nature that I know we are capable of and that ultimatley shapes the future of our society. The society of our future and that of our children ….. such a big decision for everyone not just our own selves.

For me I now feel that this isn’t a question so much of voting to stay in the EU or to exit, it has become a question of ….. am I voting to be part of a society whose values are tolerance, compassion, open minded-ness and belief in our ability as humans to see the bigger picture for the greater good of all


am I voting to be part of a society which makes decisions based on fear of the unknown, one that prefers to stand alone than embrace diversity and bypass the opportunities this offers and therefore thinking only of our individual needs without consideration of the needs of others and without full consideration of the kind of society we are shaping for future generations?

I can appreciate that my view may appear simplistic or a bit ‘pink & fluffy’ but when no one can really present solid facts, definite outcomes for either choice in a time which has hi-lighted a strong theme of anger and closed minded-ness I want to be part of the ‘tolerance & compassion’ campaign. It sits with my values and these are values which I hope are part of our future society for years to come, whatever the topic.

Have a great week and happy voting!

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