We are not our thoughts.

Here’s a helpful reminder, which is also good news: We are not our thoughts. Hoorah!

And whilst there are many elements of day to day life that are fixed, and that we can’t influence, our thoughts are not fixed …. and, with effort and focus, we can keep them in check!

More often than not our thoughts run amok with all kinds of half-truths, assumptions and form conclusions that are formed on limiting beliefs, misinformation or bias. How often do we tell ourselves stories based on our ‘thinking’ that turn to be so far from the truth! Particularly at 2am.

So, considering that our thoughts influence our decision making then it makes sense to filter them and double check them, yes?  

And how can we do this? A good habit to form when thoughts become like crossed wires, or we sense that we might not have the full picture, is to pay attention to them and question them ….

  • Ask yourself what ‘seems’ true and what you actually know to be true?
  • What are the actual facts? What might you be assuming that is clouding your thinking?
  • How can you ascertain more facts or test your thinking out?
  • Which is a helpful thought pattern and which isn’t? Is being kind to yourself better than being critical?
  • What feels like a reasonable, considered response rather than a quick, emotional reaction? 
  • Be really nice to yourself always. Our minds have a way of pulling us away from our core purpose and we can sometimes think or feel things that we don’t like. Being aware and challenging this is great self awareness.

It can be super helpful to do this as a written exercise if it is something that is really bothering you or there is a big decision to be made. Challenging your own thinking, breaking it down, is a great way to gain a new perspective x

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