What is the real value of your ‘personal values’?

How quickly and confidently could you list your top 5 values? How often do you consciously consider these when you are making decisions?

Living a truly contented life, one which allows you to ‘be you’ (without second guessing every decision) means living in alignment with your ‘core values’. We can manage our daily decisions and navigate our life in the right direction if we are using our values as our criteria.

Clarity around our personal values also allows us to recognise that not everyone will share these values, just as we don’t share the same values as everyone else.
This clarity allows for a greater understanding of our triggers, a better understanding of differences between colleagues, friends, family and encourages us to see the benefit of searching for common ground with others.

So, how do we identify these little key stones? As usual it isn’t an overnight development! It takes reflection, time and space to think and some thought provoking questions.

Once you have identified your top 10 or 5 (or 3) important factors, the big question is ‘how aligned is your current life with your core values’? And of course this might throw up a few areas that require some tweaking! It is the tweaking and questions which make room for growth. This can sometimes mean we have to tackle some tricky habits or patterns that we’ve fallen into but as ever, it is a necessary step towards a more fulfilled life. We might also begin to think about introducing some boundaries so that we can better avoid feeling compromised. The process, which might sometimes be challenging, is absolutely worth it.

The https://positivepsychology.com/website offers lots around identifying your values so is a good place to start if you aren’t sure …. or just want to do some further reading.

If you would like a more in-depth look at both your values and setting boundaries, the please come along to my forth-coming Coaching Circle event.

Sarah x

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